Civil 10 - Cedar Mountain

Student Team: Andrew Joyce, Brent Schilperoort, Megan Suter, Andrew Yee, Drew Young, Jake Avella
Advisor: Scott Marshall
Sponsoring Organization: Cedar Mountain Farm Foundation

    The Cedar Mountain Farm Foundation has an existing Bed and Breakfast operating near Athol, Idaho. The foundation wishes to develop a portion of their 440 acre property by constructing a new RV park and campground. Our team developed two alternative property layouts, and a final layout was selected based on the client’s wishes. Once the layout was finalized, our team focused on preliminary design and permitting for the roadways, storm water management, waste water treatment, potable water system, and utility distribution.
    Deliverables include a report to our client describing the aspects of the development, permitting and preliminary design plan sheets, so that they may continue forward with the development of their property.

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