IncSys Solar Powered Refrigerator

ME 7 Team: Nathan Blamey, Carl Grompe, Michael Johnson
Advisor: Dr. Robert Stiger
Liaison: Dr. Robin Podmore

The purpose of this project is to develop a solar powered absorption refrigerator to be used in countries without electricity. The refrigerator will be used to store medical vaccines and/or food at a desired refrigerated temperature. To accomplish this task we are collecting the solar thermal energy with a parabolic reflector and transporting it through a piping system filled with mineral oil. This oil will deliver the thermal energy to the refrigerator and therefore power the absorption cycle. During periods of low solar incidence (night time and cloudy days) ice produced in the freezer compartment during periods of high solar incidence will maintain the refrigerator at the desired temperature. This will provide reliable refrigeration to areas without dependable electricity.
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