ATC Manufacturing Die Clamping Project

ME 4 Team: Philippe Garre, Dustin Martin, Jordan Dunn
Advisor: Mike Keegan
Liaison: Corbin Chamberlain

ATC manufacturing is a company here in Spokane, WA that manufactures carbon fiber and glass fiber brackets for the aerospace industry. They were utilizing a rudimentary clamping system for some pressing operations, and wanted to reduce the amount of time to switch out the die systems from 20 minutes to less than a minute. We designed and built a self-locking clamping system that is easy to operate and meets the time requirements for the project.

The new clamp utilizes four springs mounted onto a shaft that rotate onto the die. The clamp then locks in place with a hinge-like plate on one end of the rotating shaft. The clamp is very low profile and does not alter the current press design at ATC Manufacturing. It applies a total of 2100 lb. of force to each die.

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