RANDL Deburring Machine

ME 10 Team: Bridget Moran, Christopher Plass, Jon Hadorn
Advisor:  Dr. Steven Zemke
Liaison: Robert Hagarty

Randl Industries manufactures telecommunications and fire signal backboxes for the electrical industry. Because of their growth, improvement in their manufacturing process is needed to increase product assembly efficiency and part output. By analyzing the manufacturing stages, we determined Randl’s deburring process was the best area to decrease manufacturing time. When the boxes are stamped from steel sheet stock burrs are left on the edges.

Our team is designing and building a de- burring machine that will remove these burrs from the outside edges of Randl’s boxes. Our deburring method places a box in between cleats on a cleated conveyor belt. The conveyor belt moves the box through two counter rotating brushes that are set at a 45O angle to ensure all burrs on the box are removed. After passing through the rotating brushes the box exits the machine and is ready for the next manufacturing step.

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