LHC2 Antenna Lab

EE 1 Team: avid Stech, Le Dong, Michael Johnson, Napoleone Piani
Advisor: Dr. Steven Zemke
Liaison: Robert Conley

Our team was involved with improving equipment, software, and procedures in Gonzaga’s Antenna Lab for LHC2.

  • An antenna measurement and calibration routine was written in order to measure the absolute gain of antennas tested in the chamber.
  • Software was modified to take 3D gain measurements.
  • A limit switch was added to keep the arm (holding the antenna under test) from overrotating and damaging the testing equipment.
  • A curve fitting routine was added to interpolate gain values from the measured data.
  • Software was modified to track the wave polarization of waves recieved by antennas tested in the chamber.

All of this equipment will be moved to LHC2’s facilities to allow them to accurately test antennas.

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