Walla Walla Police Station

CE 9 Team: Adam Tyner, Brain Bratcher, Ian Miller, Christie Norman, Aaron Stephens
Liaison: Tim Graybeal
Advisor: Joshua Comfort

The Walla Walla Police Department has been located in the basement of City Hall for the last 101 years, which has recently been assessed as insufficient for operational needs due to the lack of space. Integrus Architecture has provided architectural plans for a single story building consisting of public meeting, office, laboratory, and evidence storage space. The goal of the project is to design gravity and lateral systems of the proposed facility.

The initial design involved gravity schematic designs of steel, masonry, and timber. The student team recommended steel as the most cost and operational efficient design, which the owner then approved. Next, the design team completed an analysis of structural elements, as well as AutoCAD drawings showing structural foundation plans, framing plans, and key framing details. The purpose of this project is to complete a structural design of the Walla Walla Police Station that abides by the provided project budget.

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