Annexation of West Plains

CE 3 Team:Nam Khuat, Scott Ratterman, Andy Spence, Dustin Lehman
Advisor & Liaison: Bob Turner 

The project assigned to our group was the annexation of the West Plains by the City of Spokane. The proposed area, roughly a 10 square mile plot of land, is to be annexed to both the Cities of Spokane and Airway Heights. Our focus was on the 9.5 square mile portion that the City of Spokane is to acquire.

This project was unique compared to all the others projects as there was no hard design to be performed. Instead, the design of an effective annexation process, an analysis of level of services provided to citizens affected, and an evaluation of feasibility for the City of Spokane were the technical aspects of our project. Our greatest challenges have been overcoming this unordinary type of project work, and recognizing that engineering is always affected by political processes.

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