Cameroon Hospital

CE 11 Team: Taylor Warren, Eric Maunder, Tim Lewis, Julia Anderson
Advisor: Melissa Verwest
Liaisons: Jed Druffel & Kennett Bertelsen

The Design Team has prepared a design study report for MSAADA Architects and the Protestant Hospital of N’gaoundere (N–gahown- der-a), Cameroon, Africa. The hospital currently serves as a treatment center as well as a teaching facility for new medical personnel. The main purpose of this project was to explore methods of hospital expansion to increase volume and quality of the facility in order to be a full teaching hospital. A preliminary design has been conducted exploring green techniques to create a more self-sustaining and efficient building.

The project includes research to compare alternatives on cost, constructability, appropriateness of technologies, and overall compatibility to provide MSAADA with a way to more effectively budget this and future projects. Project elements will include preliminary structural design, water supply and control, possibilities of rain water re-use systems, possibility of bio-fuel production, sanitary sewer/septic alternatives, power supply, and back-up communication.

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