Syngas Fueled Power Generation

CE 1 Team: Alex Friedman, Mick Dawn, Ashley Elliot, Dan Parshall, Sarah Love

Advisor: Dr. Noel Bormann

This initial phase of a two year project demonstrates an integrated system of agricultural and residential waste residue, fuel production, byproduct utilization, and power generation using biomass syngas. The hammer mill machine that was constructed will pulverize corn-stover, which will be mixed with slurry waste and pelletized in a purchased commercial pelletizer. The final project was shown in Washington D.C. at the P3 Student Design Competition for Sustainability sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Through possible funding from the EPA, phase II will consist of designing and building a gasifier that will burn the biomass pellets and generate syngas to fuel an internal combustion engine, which will power a generator. The complete project will be implemented in Kitale, Kenya where it will greatly increase the sustainability of small electric generation over gasoline and/or diesel powered generators that are currently used to supplement or replace an unreliable power grid. 

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