Alliance Tamper

ME 9 Team: Craig Murphy, Tyler Bonnett, Daniel Ellis, John O'Connell
Brent Fales
Chad Faith

Our project focused on designing a device that would properly index corrugated sheets that drop off a conveyor belt prior to printing. Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC (AMSI)has an existing device that performs poorly with smaller sheets, and the pneumatic cylinders used have a life cycle of 6‐12 months. Our goals were to improve cycle time for alignment from 1200ms to 200ms; improve stacking reliability with smaller sheets; and increase the overall product life cycle. Our concept uses a vibratory motor attached to a hopper to shake and guide the sheets to within a ±1/16” tolerance. The cycle time is decreased because the device is constantly guiding the sheets into their proper alignment for indexing. The stacking reliability has been improved by reducing the drop height of the sheet off the conveyor. The overall product life cycle has been improved by reducing the system part count.

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