Drug Reaction Reporting System

EE 3 Team: Kevin Morris, Emily Parker, Steven Rueckert, Reed Tompkins
Advisor & Liaison:
Yanqing Ji

The Intelligent Multi‐Agent System for Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions is a tool to assist medical professionals evaluate potential adverse drug reactions experienced by patients. Adverse drug reactions are overwhelmingly under‐reported for many reasons, including excessive paperwork, uncertainty about the specific drug which caused the reaction, and time concerns. Our system attempts to solve these issues through the use of autonomous software “agents,” which serve as a go‐between for medical professionals and a hospital's computerized database system. These agents are able to communicate through a simple web‐based interface to discover needs, perform data‐mining operations on the hospital's database, assist with form filling applications, and return results for the medical professional's review. Our system can submit an official report to the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System, where data is aggregated nationwide to support the FDA's post‐marketing safety surveillance program.

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