Selkirk School Wastewater Treatment

C4 Team: Kyle Van Dyk, Brent Robinson, Michael Torres, Mallory Miller
Russell Mau
Richard Koch

The wastewater treatment plant at the Selkirk Junior/Senior High School near Metaline Falls, WA has been unable to consistently meet the present Department of Ecology’s secondary level treatment standards. Ecology recently issued a draft discharge permit that stipulates that Selkirk must prepare an approvable Engineering Report no later than September 1, 2010. This Engineering Report must include an evaluation of and recommendations for operational and capital improvements to the wastewater treatment plant so it will meet, at a minimum, secondary level treatment standards. The client also asked us to investigate the possible alternative of an on‐site septic system coupled with a drain field rather than discharging into the Pend Oreille River. In this work, it is important to note that Selkirk is sensitive to operation and maintenance simplicity and inherent costs.

Download the research project's final report

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