GU Parking Garage

C3 Team:Thomas Hergenrader, Mac Gills, Andrew Downing, John Ciepiela
Melissa Verwest
David Giordano

Due to tremendous growth in Gonzaga University’s (GU) student body, the need for new facilities is unmistakable. Our design team has taken on the challenge of designing the GU parking structure and retail suits. The two structures will meet the needs for parking and will serve as a temporary location for the GU book store and dining center. The parking structure to be added will be a 214,000+ square foot, open roof, parking structure capable of accommodating over 600 vehicles. The two story retail facility on Hamilton Street will be made to look like the same structure as the GU parking garage. Our design team’s goals include verifying the local code requirements, selecting a structural material that will be most appropriate for the project, designing as many plausible aspects of the structure as we can, delivering AutoCAD drawings, and preparing a final report.

Download the research project's final report

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