Kimball Sanding Machine

Sanding Team

Jesse Matsuura, Thomas Wilson, Derek Clark, Eric Habjain

Advisor:    Dennis Filipowski

Liaison:   Ken Lambie

Sponsor:   Kimball    

Kimball Sanding Machine

Project Description: Our project focused on design and implementation of an automated surface preparation machine for Kimball Office furniture.  The machine preps aluminum side rails for office cubicles automatically.  The project was aimed to fit a machine into an existing lean manufacturing cell. 

The team traveled to the Kimball shop to meet their industry advisor and his team. Kimball team and Kimball staff

The purpose of the machine was to increase product consistency and decrease the labor associated with manufacturing.  The machine produces a finish that powder coating will adhere to easily, and reduces operator fatigue.  The machine transports the aluminum extrusion via a pinch roller through a media blasting chamber.  The key aspect of the project was to ease the operator from manually sanding each piece creating a safer work environment.