Pavement Rating

Pavement Rating Team

Kevin Clawson, Michelle Pierce, Tristan Rickett, Ryan Smith, Rebekah Wieber

Advisor:  Robert Turner

Liaison: Robert Turner

Sponsor: City of Spokane

Pavement Rating & Traffic Volume Map

Project Description: : This project is composed of two different parts.  The first part is the construction of a Geographic Information System (GIS) map layer with the equivalent single axial loads (ESALs) for streets throughout the City of Spokane.  This will be a useful tool for the City's engineers in determining road usage.

The second part involves relating thermographic imaging technology to pavement design.  Our design group has created an experiment to see if a thermographic imager can detect water underneath a road surface and a difference in pavement thickness. Our goal for this project is to provide the City of Spokane with helpful information that will improve road maintenance and conditions. Deliverables include ESALs for various streets focusing on Spokane's truck routes, and an experiment using thermographic imaging applied to pavement design and maintenance.