Senior Housing

Lilac Senior Housing team

CE3 Team:

Ryan Heye, Brandon Johnson, Colby Litzenberger, Eric Wick

Advisor:   DeAnn Arnholtz

Liaison:  Dave Peden

Sponsor: Coffman Engineers

Project Description: This project is a structural design of the Lilac Terrace Housing.  The building is located in north Spokane and includes four residential stories as well as a basement and attic.  The goal of this project was to design an economical building that fulfills the needs of the residents. 

The building will have individual apartments, a library, and dining and storage areas.   Provided architectural plans and the geotechnical report, an optimal design was able to be completed.  The design was accomplished in accordance with the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), the ASCE 7-05 Design Standard, and Spokane County local building codes.  The main framing and shear walls were designed using wood elements and reinforced concrete was selected for the foundation design. 

The final report includes calculations for framing members, shear walls and foundation design.  After completion of the design, plans were drafted for the basement, first floor, typical floor, and roof.