Drug Reactions

Drug Reaction Tracking Team

Kurt Rufener, Ben Elder, Chris Brayko

Advisor:  Dr. Yanqing Ji

Liaison: Dr. Yanqing Ji

Sponsor: Gonzaga University

Multi-Agent System for Reporting Drug Reactions

Project DescriptionOur project, EE #3, "An Intelligent Multi-Agent System to Report Adverse Drug Reactions" is designed to ease the flow of voluntary Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reports from physicians to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This is necessary because once the FDA approves a drug for public consumption there is no additional testing performed by the federal government. The FDA relies solely on voluntary reports submitted by practicing physicians. Currently, this process is unwieldy and time-consuming and as such it is surmised that only 6% of ADR's are actually reported. Our system eases this process by providing an online system where physicians can create autonomous agents that assist in filing the necessary forms. In addition, our system uses these agents to assist the physician in deciding if the suspected ADR is genuine.