Application Process / Forms


Students interested in applying for the Field Experience program should take the following steps:

  1. Students must pre-register for each field experience the semester prior to the field experience.  At pre-registration students must file a Request for Placement with the Field Experience office. > Download form
  2. Students must complete a Character and Fitness form for each field placement.  > Download form
  3. Students must have current fingerprints on file prior to the beginning of each field placement.  FBI fingerprint clearance usually takes 2-3 months. Instructions on gaining clearance can be downloaded here.
  4. Additionally, students must continue to demonstrate levels of agreed-upon behavioral dispositions deemed necessary for a teacher candidate.

Any student who fails to meet the foregoing criteria may be denied admission to a field placement.  Since field placements are tied to EDTE courses, students will also have to drop the class if they are not able to enter the field experience.

Students who have not met the above criteria by the end of the second week of classes will be dropped from the class and the field experience. The Field Experience office will give notification of this decision to the student in writing within fifteen days of the decision.

Student Information & Forms

Fair Process Handbook
Section 1 (Program section under revision)

Request Information

Tuition & Fees
Download the Tuition & Fees Brochure

Field Experience Handbook

Field Experience Handbook

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

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