Admission Process

  1. Program faculty review applications to determine qualified applicants. These applicants are then scheduled an interview with a committee consisting of program faculty. The program is very competitive and not all applicants meeting minimum qualifications will be interviewed.

  2. The MAE Admissions Committee will determine admission into the program. Determination is made using weighted, numerical criteria. Applicants participate in a series of three, half hour interviews. The interview team, consisting of 5 program faculty and one student, is divided into three groups so that all six members interview each applicant.

  3. The selection is based on a review of all submitted documents as well as the performance in the personal interview according to the following criteria:

    • Motivation
    • Practical thinking
    • Critical care nursing knowledge
    • Stress management strategies
    • Support
    • Independence/initiative
  4. Classes are usually limited to eight students each year.  Selection is made in February for the class entering the following January. One alternate is selected; if not used as an alternate, he/she is automatically placed in the class entering the following year. Additional applicants may be waitlisted, but will not be guaranteed placement.

  5. Selected students or alternates who do not accept available positions forfeit their positions.

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Graduate Admissions
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