Masters Degree Programs in Leadership and Administration

Educational Leadership and Administration

Masters Degree Programs in Leadership and Administration:

The Master of Arts in Leadership and Administration (US), Master of Education in Leadership and Administration (British Columbia), and Master of Education (School Administration) (Alberta) degree programs provide advanced educational opportunities for teachers and administrators toward the improvement of the quality of student learning and of educational settings. The programs focus on leadership development of educational professionals with two options; preparation of school administrators or the development of of teacher-leaders for various levels of influence in educational organizations.

These programs are organized as site-based cohorts and location will vary based on interest in a region. Currently, we are organizing cohorts to start in Fall 2017 in British Columbia and Alberta. Contact us today for more information about those programs. Our US-based program is currently organizing cohorts for the Boise, ID, area only. If you live near Boise and are interested, please contact Tom Trotter, Clinical Placement Coordinator. We will be transitioning this program online beginning in Summer 2018!

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