Supervisor Resources

Welcome School Counseling Supervisors!

Thank you for supporting and serving our students. We value your time, talents, and expertise and appreciate you investing in our school counselors-in-training. Your partnership is critical to our students’ development. We are grateful for you.

The mission of the counseling training program guides our practice. This statement gives you a better understanding about framework in which your students are grounded:

The Counselor Education Department is grounded in a rich tradition and history. Aware of the potential for personal, professional and global transformation, we create and sustain relationships that facilitate excellence in the development of professionalism, service, and growth. Therefore, with intention, we embrace the strengths of all individuals; we invest in services that promote the greater good; we depend on and contribute to the research and practical foundations of the profession; we develop counselors who enter human services and educational environments with competence, commitment and care.

The purpose of this website is to support you during your time as a supervisor and help you stay connected with important documents, current research, and program updates. If you have any further questions or additions to the website, please contact School Counseling Program Director, Dr. Addy Wissel at

Supervision Resources:
  Honorarium Form Download
  Student Handbook 2013-2014 Download
  Supervisory Survey of Counselor Preparedness Download
  W9 Official Form Download
Articles related to Program Development:
  Addressing Need for School Counseling Students who have not had Teaching Experiences Download
  Administrators Perception of School Counselors and Important Skills they should obtain Download
  Counseling Students Feelings Toward Competency at Working with Clients who Self Injure Download
  Effective Teaching Strategies Using Multiple Intelligences and Connections to Practical Application of Knowledge Download
  How Developmental Factors Can Influence Adult Education Download
  School Counselors Collaborating with other Professionals Download
  Students Perspectives on their Instructors and Learning Process Download
Articles related to Supervision:
  Addressing Need for School Counseling Students who have not had Teaching Experiences Download
  Becoming an Effective Supervisor Download
  Cultural Considerations of Supervision of Doctoral Students Download
  Developing and Enhancing Student's Abilities as a Supervisor Download
  Elements of a Supervisor-Supervisee Relationship Download
  Impact of a Positive Supervision Experience on Student Success and Competency Download
  Impact of Amount of Supervision and Training on School Counselor Competency Download
  Potential Outcomes of Supervision or Mentoring Download
  Program Faculty Relationships with Supervisors of their Students Download
  Training of Supervisors Download