Program Outline

Courses required for graduation with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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(Full-time students will complete 38 credits total, including summer term)

Fall Semester
EDCE 560 Critical Issues in Counseling 3 credits
EDCE 639 Counseling Theories 3 credits
EDCE 695 Counseling Pre-Practicum 4 credits
EDCE 698 Research and Statistics 4 credits
EDCE 586 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2 credits
EDCE 570 Special Issues in Counseling 1 credit
17 Credits Total
Spring Semester
EDCE 588 Human Growth and Development 3 credits
EDCE 616 Psychopathology & Psychopharmacology 4 credits
EDCE 650 Group Process 2 credits
EDCE 696 Counseling Practicum 4 credits
EDCE 589 Marriage and Family Counseling 3 credits
EDCE 587 Child-Adolescent Counseling 3 credits
16 Credits Total
Summer Semester
EDCE 565 Assessment in Counseling 3 credits
EDCE 605 Occupational Choice and Career Development in Counseling 2 credits
EDCE 692 Practicum/Internship Elective 1 credit*
  5 Credits Total


(Full-time students will complete 20 credits total, including Summer Term)

Fall Semester
EDCE 697 A Counseling Internship 5 credits
EDCE 664 Group Facilitation 2 credits
EDCE 581 Chemical Dependency in Counseling 2 credits
  9 Credits Total
Spring Semester
EDCE 697 B Counseling Internship 5 credits
EDCE 550 Multicultural Counseling 3 credits
  8 Credits Total
Summer Semester
EDCE 689 Professional Seminar 3 credits
EDCE 699 Comprehensive Oral Examination / Written Comprehensive Exam 0 credit
  3 Credits Total

*Electives to be taken in courses offered in Marriage and Family or School Counseling program, summer practicum/internship course, optional electives offered through the department, or directed study in the area pertinent to student needs (2 credits)