Student Advisory Board

Has a School of Education issue come up that you want answered?
Stick a note in the Suggestion Box, located in the Student Lounge, where it will be read and discussed by the Student Advisory Board at monthly meetings.  You can leave contact information or send a note anonymously.  Let your voice be heard. 

The Student Advisory Board is an organization created by a group of students enrolled in Gonzaga University’s School of Education. The mission of this organization is to promote open communication between teacher candidates and the faculty and staff members within the School of Education. The Board will serve as a bridge between the faculty and staff in the School of Education to better the program and produce quality certified teachers. The Student Advisory Board also provides teacher candidates with the opportunity to attend events that enrich student participation in the School of Education.

The Student Advisory board meets monthly to discuss topics important to the School of Education student body.

Past endeavors:
  • Helped get a copy machine in the student lounge.
  • Helped create the comprehensive handbook provided to incoming education students and student teachers.
  • Reinstated the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society.
  • Organized meetings and discussions with the student body about undergraduate curricula.
Board Members:

Marnie Kazarian (Senior) - President
Marissa Alcorn (Junior) - Vice President
Hanna Gutting-McKee (Senior) - Secretary

Student Advisory Board Members:

Kristen Walker Health and Physical Education and Elementary Education
Sophie Doro Biology and Secondary Education
Marnie Kazarian Health and Physical Education, Elementary Education, and English
Hanna Gutting-McKee Special Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education

Marissa Alcorn Mathematics and Secondary Education
McCall Haught-Fraiser Special Education
Patrick Ronay Environmental Science and Secondary Education