Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee for the School of Education periodically reviews and makes recommendations for curriculum additions and changes to programs within the School.

Curriculum Committee Members:

Special Education: Randy Williams
Sport and Physical Education: Boyd Foster, Chair
Teacher Education: Deborah Booth
Department of Educational Leadership & Administration: Al Fein, Dan Mahoney
Counselor Education: Steve Koffman

Faculty are invited to use the files below to submit requests to the committee.

Guidelines for submitting a proposal:
Governance documents:
List of programs in the SOE
Next Reviews
Sport and Physical Education
  B.Ed.: Physical Education Fall 2007 Fall 2012
  B.Ed.: Sport Management Fall 2009 Fall 2014
  M.A.: Sport Management Fall 2009 Fall 2014
Special Education
  B.Ed.: Special Education Fall 2006 Fall 2011
  M.Ed.: Special Education Fall 2006 Fall 2011
Teacher Education
  Elementary Certification Spring 2009 Spring 2013
  Secondary Certification (Endorsement Areas) Spring 2009 Spring 2011
  M.I.T. Spring 2008 Spring 2011
  Professional Certification Spring 2008 Spring 2013
  M.Ed. Literacy Fall 2010 Fall 2015
Educational Leadership and Administration
  M.A.: Leadership and Administration Spring 2010 Spring 2015
  Masters of Anesthesiology Education Fall 2010 Fall 2015
  M.A.: Educational Administration Spring 2009 Spring 2014
  M.A.: Teaching (At-Risk) Fall 2008 Fall 2013
Counselor Education
  M.A.: Community Counseling Spring 2007 Spring 2012
  M.A.: School Counseling Spring 2007 Spring 2012
  M.A.: Counseling (site-based) Spring 2007 Spring 2012

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