Business Minors

The School of Business Administration offers general business, analytical finance, entrepreneurship & innovation, management information systems, promotion, and sustainable business minors to non-business students. These minors are recommended to students who wish to pursue a degree in another school of the University but wish some background in the business field. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences, however, are reminded that they must earn 104 credits in that College. Except in the case of B.A. Economics majors, non-business majors may not take more than 32 semester credits from the School of Business Administration. Students desiring to pursue a minor should meet with a School of Business Administration advisor early in their program to ensure development of an appropriate sequencing plan. Students will not be allowed in classes with designated prerequisites unless that prerequisite has been satisfied. What follows are the degrees offered in the 2015-2016  Undergraduate Catalogue. While the information on this website is thought to be timely and accurate, the written or hard-copy version of the 2015-2016 catalogue is the official document when it comes to degree requirements.
  • General Business
  • Analytical Finance
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Management Information Systems
  • Promotion
  • Sustainable Business

Undergraduate Programs

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Graduate Programs
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