Degree Requirements


In addition to the General Degree Requirements of the University, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree requires the following:

1) Completion of the SBA core curriculum for students under the 2015-16 or prior catalogue or completion of the SBA common curriculum for students under the 2016-17 or subsequent catalogue

2) Completion of the requirements for a major course of study within the School;

3) A minimum 2.00 grade point average in all course work taken in the major field;

4) Of the 128 credits required for the degree, 55 credits must be earned outside the School of Business Administration.

5) At least 50 percent of all business courses (core/common curriculum and major requirements) must be taken at Gonzaga.

Courses which fulfill business core/common curriculum, major, concentration, and minor requirements may not be taken on a satisfactory/non-satisfactory basis except for internships.

*For additional information please reference the Undergraduate Catalogue published in the year that you began courses at Gonzaga. Click here to reference a PDF version of this document.

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