Undergraduate Programs

Our Mission

The School of Business Administration (SBA) was established in 1921 and is accredited by AACSB International -- The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. In its Mission Statement, the School "strives to develop professionally competent graduates who exemplify the humanistic, ethical, and moral values of a Jesuit institution. A personal learning environment, quality students, and a faculty dedicated to teaching and advising, scholarship, and service will mark our excellence. As part of a dynamic business environment, we will strengthen relationships with the regional, national, and international communities."

Our Priorities

The specific priorities which support the SBA's mission are to develop in students:

  • An understanding of the ethical implications of decisions
  • An appreciation for the value of diverse cultures and perspectives
  • An understanding of the international environment of organizations
  • The skills to manage effectively in a changing environment
  • An integrative perspective of organizations
  • An awareness of how they can contribute to society
Our Learning Objectives

These priorities are complemented by specific learning objectives. Students earning the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Gonzaga University will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental business theories and practices to any organization;
  • Analyze challenges and opportunities critically and arrive at a best solution;
  • Understand diverse perspectives and the global reach of business decisions;
  • Communicate ideas and information effectively;
  • Approach decision-making ethically and with a commitment to the common good; and
  • Adapt readily to the changing demands of a high-technology market.
Our Degree Programs

Two major degrees are offered by the SBA: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in accounting and a BBA degree with a major in business administration. The major in business administration allows a student to earn a concentration in one or more areas. In addition to major requirements, required courses in literature, fine arts, religious studies, philosophy, mathematics, history, natural and social sciences, and communication skills are an integral part of the business curriculum. These courses foster the development of critical thinking, creative problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills that are vital to the education of future leaders. The SBA also offers a number of minor degrees.

In cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics is also offered. This integrated curriculum combines the objectives of humanistic education with a concentration in economics. Interested students must refer to the College of Arts and Sciences for specific requirements for this degree program.

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