Marketing is a universal activity common to all individuals and organizations, whether in seeking personal employment, clients for an accounting firm, or in marketing supertankers or soap. Marketing is the link between entities in the marketplace and involves the study of exchanges and their facilitation. Marketing knowledge and skills, therefore, may lead to challenging and satisfying careers in nearly any field, either as marketing specialists or as managers.

Marketing Concentration: Fifteen credits
(based on 2011-12 catalogue requirements)
MKTG 315 Consumer Behavior (three credits)
MKTG 330 Marketing Research (three credits)
MKTG 402 Marketing Communications (three credits)
MKTG 419 Marketing Strategy (three credits)

Three credits from the following courses:
BENT 495 New Venture Lab
BUSN 492 Business Planning
COMM 362 Persuasion
ECON 300 Econometrics
MKTG 342 Graphic Design
MKTG 410 Digital Marketing
MKTG 411 Advertising
MKTG 415 New Product Development
MKTG 416 Retail Management
MKTG 417 International Marketing
MKTG 418 Personal Selling
MKTG 420 Data Visualization
MKTG 421 Business Analytics
MKTG 490 Promotion Project
PRLS 305 Writing for Public Relations
PSYC 335 Social Psychology
PSYC 310 Cognition
SOCI 326 East Asian Society
SOCI 380 Global Sociology


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