Entrepreneurship & Innovation


 Students in the School of Business Administration can earn a Concentration in Entrepreneurship & Innovation in which they will learn concepts and skills for developing an entrepreneurial mindset.  From idea generation to opportunity-seeking behavior, the program takes students through the entrepreneurial process and prepares them for a variety of careers: creating a new enterprise, buying or expanding an existing enterprise, franchising, generating a family business, and engaging in corporate or social entrepreneurship.  There is a strong emphasis on experiential learning and networking with entrepreneurs from the community.

Required Courses (12 Credits)

BENT 490: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 3 Credits

BENT 491: Creating New Ventures: 3 Credits (Prerequisite: BENT 490)

BENT 492 Technology Entrepreneurship: 3 Credits
            Or BENT 493: Social Entrepreneurship: 3 Credits

One of the following two courses:
BUSN 494: Small Business Consulting: 3 credits
Or BUSN 497: Internship: 3 Credits

BIE Requirement (3-6 credits):

  1. Students with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will take a Broadening and an International course.
  2. Students with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation plus a concentration in another business discipline (or an Accounting major) will take a Broadening or an International course.

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