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"Gonzaga's College Crime Fighters Help Lock Up Local Embezzlers"


by KREM.com, Jane McCarthy


Posted on April 8, 2010 at 3:42 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 14 at 4:29 PM

SPOKANE -- The men and women of the Lilac City's crime fighters are summoned for everything from robbery and murder to stolen cars and crashes. But to conquer some criminals, they need help from college students.

Detective Stacy Carr does what she can, but Spokane, like most police agencies doesn't have the staff or the accounting know-how to crack down some of the stealthiest white collar criminals - embezzlers.

"Eighty hours to do one case and I have 80 others waiting for me when I'm done," Det. Carr says.

That's why the Spokane Police Department is embarking on a pilot program - believed to be the first of its kind in the nation - that uses college students to bring justice to fraud victims. Gonzaga accounting majors, to be exact. (click here to see full article)


GU joins police to fight fraud

Accountant teams help solve small-scale crime

Tom Sowa The Spokesman-Review

Spokane police Detective Stacey Carr finally has somewhere to turn when she can’t investigate an office embezzlement or a case of identity theft inside a local company.

Carr’s one of three city fraud detectives. But all three, she said, lack the accounting skills to track down evidence to nail an employee cheating a company.

This year, however, Carr is getting help from a dozen accounting students from Gonzaga University. In a new program called the Justice for Fraud Victims Project, three supervised student teams gather the paperwork needed so a business owner can recover money, plus help law enforcement prosecute the criminals. (click here to see full article)