CFE Testimonials

"I have been honored to work with some amazing students through the Forensic Accounting Lab class. The dedication, drive, and pursuit of truth that they exhibit throughout the investigative process have been incredible to watch and I have enjoyed seeing them expand their minds into the anti-fraud world. As both an instructor and anti-fraud professional, I am thrilled at the level of professional skepticism I see them demonstrating. Additionally, the students acquire an understanding of balance between controlling and enabling a small entity, which is always a fine line in the real world. These students have an opportunity to live it, in the classroom setting, while helping victims of fraud find justice – it is truly a win-win!"

-Marie Rice, Certified Fraud Examiner

“It has been my pleasure to serve as a mentor to students in the Justice for Fraud Victims Project for the Fall Semester of 2010, as well as the Spring and Fall Semesters of 2011.  I truly enjoyed my experience working with these talented individuals.  The dedication and hard work of these outstanding students yielded a forensic examination report that clearly outlined one suspect’s embezzlement of funds from her employer.  The report made it all the way to trial where the jury reached a guilty verdict.  I hope the efforts of future students and CFE mentors will be equally successful and rewarding.”

-Shelly Heston, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE