Officer Positions

Officer Application 2016 - 2017

In general, all officers are understood to work together and support the roles of one another. This involves being aware of happenings going on within the club as well as contributing your own ideas and efforts. As an officer you represent the club not only during meetings, but outside the club as well. 


The President of Beta Alpha Psi is responsible for overseeing all operations of the organization as well as making sure the organization is achieving its overall goals. This includes organizing officer meetings, completing administrative tasks, and helping with the planning of major professional, service, and fundraising events. Also, the president must make sure all speakers are scheduled and the topics are interesting and will be beneficial to the members and candidates of BAP. The president also takes on a large responsibility of planning the regional and national BAP trips. Most importantly, the president must be in contact with the faculty adviser and officers to keep everyone up-to-date with happenings of the organization.

Vice President of Membership/Webmaster

The VP of Membership is tasked with monitoring all records pertaining to our chapter's members and candidates. At the beginning of each semester, the VP of Membership collects and processes new candidate applications while facilitating tutoring registrations. Throughout each semester, the VP of Membership monitors attendance for each weekly meeting.  With the aid of the chapter's directors, the VP of Membership sends out reminders to help members and candidates stay in the direction of completing their requirements. As the Webmaster, the VP of Membership is also responsible of updating the chapter's contact list, Facebook page and official Gonzaga website with upcoming deadlines and opportunities. 

Vice President of Events

The VP of Events is primarily concerned with the BAP sponsored events on campus. For any given event the VP of Events plans the event on a macro-scale, schedules people and activities, coordinates the planned activities, specifies details, is the main contact point for people outsidethe club, often corresponds with professional firm representatives, and must be flexible. In addition to planning the continuation of annual events, the VP of Events is also encouraged to brainstorm opportunities for new events. Some of these events include: Career Fair, Bowling Social, Big 5 Discussion Panel, The Final Ac-Count Down, JDRF Walk, firm-sponsored days of service, and the Spring Banquet.


The Secretary documents all chapter events and submits reports to the International Office in a timely manner. The Secretary also takes meeting minutes at all officer meetings and saves them for the year. Minutes are sent out after the meeting to the other officers and advisor for approval. Then they are uploaded to DropBox. This position requires teamwork and collaboration with the other officers on other events. This past year the Secretary has been responsible for inviting and scheduling the speakers for each chapter meeting as well as coordinating the spring banquet speaker. This position  requires organization and professional communication. It is a great opportunity to step into a leadership role and get involved in not only Beta Alpha Psi, but also the Gonzaga Community. As secretary you also have the opportunity to attend the National and Regional Beta Alpha Psi meetings. These are hosted in different cities each year. This is a rewarding experience that allows you to meet other students and professionals as well as learn more about the Beta Alpha Psi organization and how you can succeed in the professional world.


The Treasurer is in charge of preparing an annual budget, purchase orders and coordinating lunch for each weekly meeting. Along with these duties, the treasurer has the responsibility of sending out invoices to the appropriate parties and submitting reimbursement forms to the Payables Office. Throughout the year, the Treasurer maintains physical documentation for each transaction. This information is then used to update our chapter's transaction history on QuickBooks which we use to compare to our current Gonzaga BAP Account for any potential discrepancies.