Earning Internship Credit

Below are the course requirements for completing a business internship (BUSN 497/ACCT 497/MACC 697/MBUS 697).

1. Accumulate 60 hours or more of experiential learning for each academic credit. Your supervisor will verify your hours at the end of the internship on the Evaluation by Supervisor form.

  • one-credit internship requires a minimum of 60 hours experiential learning
  • two-credit internship requires a minimum of 120 hours experiential learning
  • three-credit internship requires a minimum of 180 hours of experiential learning

2. Request that your supervisor submit the evaluation by supervisor.

3. Submit the student evaluation.

4. Write a paper for each of the following three experiential learning outcomes:

  • Professional Development
  • Contribution to Firm
  • Firm/Industry Analysis

Internship credit is intended for temporary employment/volunteer arrangements related to the student's field of study. Therefore, graduate students are not eligible to receive internship credit for their current job if that position is part of a permanent and ongoing employment relationship. Students must register for the internship during the term in which they are performing the internship activities.  Internship credit will not be given for prior work experience. The School of Business Internship Director will determine whether specific internships meet these criteria.

GRADING: The grading of internships is incumbent upon all requirements being received by the Business Internships Department. Internships do not count towards your G.P.A. and therefore are graded as follows: S (satisfactory), IP (in progress), or NS (not satisfactory). To receive a grade of "S" for the course requires that all three requirements (listed above) have been received, graded, and processed. Please select important dates, from the menu on the left, to determine applicable deadlines for completing these requirements.