Applying to Earn Academic Credit
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Applying to Earn Academic Credit

APPLYING TO EARN ACADEMIC CREDIT: To earn academic credit complete the online application to enroll in one of the internship courses  (BUSN 497/ACCT 497/ECON 497/MACC 697/MBUS 697).  Upon receipt of the application the internship director WILL evaluate your application and determine whether or not to approve it. Then, an email is sent to your advisor requesting their confirmation that you are eligible for participation in the internship and that it will support the completion of your degree.To understand the evaluation process select Criteria for Approval on the menu to the left.

When approved, the internship director will send you, your academic advisor, your supervisor, and the registrar an email noting that the internship has been approved to receive academic credits. Upon receipt of the approval email the registrar will enroll you in the internship course indicated on the application and will notify student accounts. Student accounts will determine if any tuition charges are applicable and will these credits to your student account.

Please allow at least 10 days for application to be processed onto your schedule. In order to expedite your internship registration we recommend you communicate your internship plans to your advisor.

-           Students pay tuition for additional credits if they exceed the 18 hour credit-limit imposed for the regular semester

-       During summer students pay tuition per-credit enrolled in, internship credits included.

-       MBA/MACC students pay tuition per-credit enrolled in during the regular and summer semesters.

-       Additional questions concerning tuition should be directed to student accounts.  

To apply use the On-line Application link on the menu to the left.

PLEASE NOTE: Students should check Blackboard, before contacting the Business Internships Department, in order to see current course grades as well as requirements fulfilled. Please be aware that it may take up to two weeks for requirements to be received, graded, and processed.


Fall 2016 Internship participants must have all internship course requirements turned in by 12/7/16

Questions?  Email