Criteria for Approval

I. The internship must provide an opportunity for the professional development of the student in a business discipline.

II. The internship is active.  An active internship takes place during the semester in which the student will receive academic credit.  Students participating in summer internships must register and pay tuition for credits enrolled in during summer to obtain credit.

III. The student has reached junior standing and an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or better. The student's advisor will confirm their eligibility, and that the internship credits support completion of the student's degree program.

IV. The internship provides for experiential learning in the following areas: professional development in business or accounting, utilization of academic learning to improve a business process, and researching the overall business environment in which the firm competes.

V. The supervisor of the intern confirms that the internship provides for the experiential learning discussed in item IV.