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Where do I start?

1. FIND AN INTERNSHIP - To find an internship select Finding an Internship on the menu to the left.

2. APPLY TO RECEIVE ACADEMIC CREDIT - To receive academic credit for a business internship you must apply by selecting  Applying to Earn Academic Credit on the menu to the left. You may only receive credit for an internship for the semester during which the internship took place. Please note that students who plan on participating in summer internships must register and pay tuition for all credits taken during the summer session, this includes internship credits.  

3. EARN ACADEMIC CREDIT - To earn credit for an internship select Earning Academic Credit on the menu to the left to review the requirements necessary to receive academic credit (BUSN 497/ACCT 497/ECON 497/MACC 697/MBUS 697).

PLEASE NOTE: Students should check Blackboard, before contacting the Business Internships Department, in order to see current course grades as well as requirements fulfilled. Please be aware that it may take up to two weeks for requirements to be received, graded, and processed.