Jeremy T. Claeson, MBA ’09

After earning his MBA at Gonzaga, Jeremy started a new position at as the Vendor Manager for Body, Trim and Crash in the Automotive store.  Automotive is one of Amazon’s newest an fastest growing stores and Body, Trim and Crash is one of the newest categories in Automotive.  He’s responsible for all profit and loss activities for the category, including inventory purchasing, vendor management, merchandising, promotions and customer experience.  There are many jobs open at Amazon, currently there are 4 openings on the Automotive team.  Upon taking this position Jeremy’s family moved from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA.  Hi wife, Christy, is a stay-at-home Mom.  They have two daughters – Claire (7) and Isabella (4).

Marianne Fernandez,  MBA ’07

Marianne has artwork on through the 1st week of July.  Marianne says about her artwork, “I enjoy playing with different mediums and challenging myself either with techniques, color, or subject matter.” 

Earlier this year she had a group show at Agora Gallery in NY. Established in 1984, Agora Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing quality and original Art to established and emerging collectors and catering to special events in support of fine art.

Marianne also volunteers for Specialized Needs Recreation in Coeur d’Alene.  Annually they put on a theatre production as the main fundraiser of the year.  For this years production Marianne designed and built their flats (sets), created new scenery, incorporated the scenery and props from other volunteers, and worked backstage as the scenery director. 

Steve Edison, MBA ’92 

In 1992, after receiving his MBA, Steve and his family moved from Spokane, WA to Lubbock, TX to pursue his PhD at Texas Tech University.  In 1998, his family moved to Little Rock, AR for a teaching position at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Dr. Edision is a Professor of Marketing and Advertising and teaches Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Sales Management and various seminar courses.  He’s been at UALR for 12 years and is immensely enjoying his teaching career.  

Shantanu Namjoshi, MBA ’09 

Shantanu, wife Kavita and older brother Atharv welcomed baby Aarav on May 03, 2010 in Thane, India.  The family is currently residing in India and looking forward to returning to the United States in late June.