Ashish Thatte


Associate Professor of Operations Management

Ashish joined the SBA faculty in 2006.

B.E.: University of Pune, India 1996
M.B.A.: University of Pune, India 1999
M.S.: University of Toledo 2001
Ph.D.: University of Toledo 2007

Brief Biography
Ashish teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Operations and Supply Chain Management. His research interests include supply chain management and information systems issues in operations. Prior to his academic position, his industry experience includes manufacturing management, and supply chain and logistics management in multi-national firms.

Selected Publications
Thatte, A., Rao S., and Ragu-Nathan, T. S. (2013), “Impact of SCM Practices of a Firm on Supply Chain Responsiveness and Competitive Advantage of a Firm”, Journal of Applied Business Research, 29(2), pp. 499-530.

Thatte, A. (2013), “Supply Chain Responsiveness through Modularity Based Manufacturing Practices: An Exploratory Study”, Journal of Applied Business Research, 29(3), pp. 743-763.

Henrickson, K., Thatte, A., and Johnson, E. (2009), “Factors Influencing the Intensity of Mass Customization and the Effects on Competitive Trade-offs”, International Journal of Business Strategy, 9(2), pp. 58-68.

Thatte, A., Agrawal, V., and Muhammed, S. (2009), “Linking Information Sharing and Supplier Network Responsiveness with Delivery Dependability of a Firm”, Journal of Applied Business Research, 25(3), pp. 37-56.

Henrickson, K. and Thatte, A. (2008), “Outsourcing and Organizational Practices: The Effects on Firm Competitiveness”, International Journal of Business Strategy, 8(3), pp. 37-49.

Darley, W., Luethge, D., and Thatte, A. (2008), “Exploring the Relationship of Perceived Automotive Salesperson Attributes, Customer Satisfaction and Intentions to Automotive Service Department Patronage: The Moderating Role of Customer Gender”, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 15(6), pp. 469-479.

Agrawal, V., Muhammed, S., and Thatte, A. (2008), “Enabling Knowledge Sharing through Intrinsic Motivation and Perceived IT Support”, Review of Business Information Systems, 12(3), pp. 21-35.

Thatte, A., Muhammed, S., and Agrawal, V. (2008), “Effect of Information Sharing and Supplier Network Responsiveness on Time-to-Market Capability of a Firm”, Review of Business Research, 8(2), pp. 118-131.

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