Marketing Faculty

Marketing emphasizes satisfying needs and wants through the facilitation of the exchange process between and among organizations and customers. Marketing concepts and techniques apply to all types of organizations, whether they are for profit or non-profit and whether providing goods, services, experiences or ideas to their customers.  An organization's long-run success is determined by understanding customer preferences and perceptions as well as how they change.  The topics studied in the marketing curriculum include: gathering and interpreting market information, understanding customer decision processes and the influencers of these processes, target market decisions involving segmenting markets and positioning market offerings, promotion and advertising, product design and modification, pricing, distribution of products and services, and effective managerial decision making and planning.

Marketing knowledge and skills may lead to challenging and satisfying careers in nearly any field including such activities as sales and sales management, advertising and promotion management, retail management and buying, product development and management, public relations, industrial marketing, marketing research, and international marketing.

Marketing concentration 15 credits (these requirements are taken from the 2009-2011 University catalogue):

MKTG 315 Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
MKTG 330 Market Research (3 credits)
MKTG 402 Marketing Communications (3 credits)
MKTG 419 Marketing Problems (3 credits)
Plus one 3 credit elective course drawn from a pool that includes additional offerings in marketing as well as courses in psychology, sociology, communications, economics, management, entrepreneurship, and public relations.

One of our more unique courses is MKTG 490 (the promotion project class). It is an integrative, experiential learning class offered each spring semester.  Members of the class form a marketing agency and work for a "real world" client.  Over the course of the project, the class designs and implements a full-scale promotional campaign including promotional events, advertising and public relations campaigns, and pre- and post-campaign market research. This course can help the student improve skills in marketing, public relations, human resources and operations management, budgeting, communications, business writing, public speaking, event planning, time management, group dynamics, and teamwork.

An MBA marketing concentration is also offered at the graduate level. Students are required to complete courses in Buyer Behavior and Research Methods as well as complete five elective credits in marketing and related areas.