Lada Kurpis


Associate Professor of Marketing

Lada joined the SBA faculty in 2004.

B.S.: Urals State University of Economics 1989
M.S.: Urals State University of Economics 1995
Ph.D.: University of Oregon 2004

Brief Biography

Lada has been teaching at Gonzaga since 2004. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Marketing from the University of Oregon, where she specialized in the study of consumer behavior. Her previous degrees (Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Master of Science in Marketing) are from the Urals State University of Economics in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Her teaching currently focuses on the courses of International Marketing, Marketing Strategies, and foundations of Marketing at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Lada studies consumers’ perceptions of the country-of-origin information and its implications on consumer and managerial decision-making. She consistently has maintained a broad range of research interests. In the last few years Lada has done research on the role of emotions in consumer decision-making, influence of social values on consumer attitudes and behaviors, motivations for community sports participation, business ethics in marketing management, as well as on attitudinal and personality-based antecedents of cultural intelligence.

In the last few years, Lada served as a reviewer for the Society of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Global Marketing, as well as for a number of marketing conferences. She served on the Faculty Working Group on Gonzaga Globalization. She is involved in the work of the International Trade Alliance in Spokane, Washington.

Other interests involve international travel, growing roses in her backyard, and classical music, particularly opera.

Selected Publications

Kurpis, Lada V., James G. Helgeson (2012) “The Effects of Country-of-Origin and Product Class "Fit" on Acceptance of New Brands”, International Research Journal of Global Business, 1(1), 9-18.

Kurpis, Lada (2012) “Empirical Investigation of Select Personality, Attitudinal, and Experience-Based Antecedents of Cultural Intelligence in Undergraduate Business Students,” Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 8(1), 47-58.

Kurpis, Lada Helen V., Carl S. Bozman, and Lynn R. Kahle, (2010) “Distinguishing between Amateur Sport Participants and Spectators: The List of Values Approach,” International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 7 (3/4), 190-201.

Bozman, Carl S., Lada Helen V.Kurpis, and Chris Frye (2010), “Sport Festival or Tournament? Using Longitudinal Economic Impact Data to Assess the Success of a Strategic Reorientation,” Sport Management Review, 13 (1), 65-81.

Kurpis, Lada Helen V. (2009), “Developing Students’ Cultural Intelligence in an International Marketing Course,” Journal of Global Business Development, 2 (1), 110-122.

Kurpis, Lada Helen V., Mirjeta S. Beqiri, and James G. Helgeson (2008), “The Effects of Commitment to Moral Self-Improvement and Religiosity on Ethics of Business Students,” Journal of Business Ethics, 80, July, 447-463.

Kurpis, Lada V., James G. Helgeson, Ahmet Ekici, Magne Supphellen (2010), “A Cross-Cultural Examination of Consumers’ Use of Country of Origin Information in Purchase Decisions,” in Proceedings of the 35th Annual Macromarketing Conference, June 9-12, 2010, Laramie, WY.