David F. Elloy


Professor of Management

Dave joined the SBA faculty in 1985.

B.A.: University of Calcutta 1967
B.S.: St. Joseph's University 1971
M.B.A.: University of Oregon 1976
Ph.D.: University of South Carolina 1984

Brief Biography

Dr. Elloy's teaching and research interests are in the areas of organizational behavior, human resource management, organization development, and small business management and development. His consulting includes work on performance appraisal, organization diagnosis, and management development. He was involved in a long-term assignment with the United Nations/International Labor Organization to develop and implement a Management Skills Development Program for senior-level executives of the government of Nepal and Nepalese public enterprises. He is currently involved in a long-term project with the International Labor Organization implementing an overall human resource development plan for the Regional Government of Sri-Lanka. He has previously taught at the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western, Australia,and has been a visiting professor at Javeriana University, Bogota, Massey University, New Zealand and the International MBA Program at the University of Beijing. He has also had several years of experience working in organizations in Perth, Australia, in the areas of human resource management, executive training, and organization development.

Selected Publications

The Relationship between self- leadership behaviors and organization variables in a self-managed work-team environment, (David F. Elloy) Management Research News, 2008, Nov-08

The Relationship Between Organizational and Job Variables and the Four Dimensions of Empowerment, (David F. Elloy) Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 2007, Mar-07

Super Leader Behaviors and Self-managed Work Teams: Perceptions of Supervisory Behaviors, Satisfaction with Growth and Team Functions, (David F. Elloy) Journal of Business and Economics Research, 2006, Dec-06