Rebecca Bull Schaefer


Associate Professor of Management

Rebecca joined the SBA faculty in 2010.

B.S: Bradley University 2002
Ph.D.: Purdue University 2008

Brief Biography

Professor Bull Schaefer joined the School of Business at Gonzaga in 2010. She teaches in the Human Resource Management concentration. She received her B.S. in Business Administration from Bradley University where she competed in Speech Forensics. After spending some time working for the Southwestern Company in Nashville, Virginia Beach, and Raleigh, Bull Schaefer sought her Ph.D. at Purdue University in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. While at Purdue, she also worked as a researcher for the Military Family Research Institute, a headhunter for Campion Recruiting Services, and a consultant for Panoptic Insight. Dr. Bull Schaefer’s research focuses on reactions to HR related policies and how those reactions can translate into the home domain and/or into future career decisions.

Selected Publications

Bull Schaefer, R.A. & Palanski, M.E. (in press). Emotional contagion at work: An in-class experiential activity. Journal of Management Education

Bull Schaefer, R.A., Green, S.G., Saxena, M., Weiss, H.M. & MacDermid, S.M. (forthcoming). Positive crossover of organizational commitment. Human Performance.

Bull Schaefer, R.A. Wiegand, K.E., MacDermid, S.M., Green, S.G., & Welch, E. (2013). Work adjustment after combat deployment: Reservist repatriation. Community, Work, & Family, 16 (2), 191-211.

Bull Schaefer, R.A. & Erskine, L. (2012). Virtual team meetings: Reflections on a class exercise exploring technology choice. Journal of Management Education, 36 (6), 777 - 801.

Mulligan, J.R. & Bull Schaefer, R.A. (2011). A new hope for rank and yank. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 18, 385-396.

Green, S.G., Bull Schaefer, R.A., MacDermid, S.M., & Weiss, H.M. (2011). Partner reactions to work-family conflict: Cognitive appraisal and indirect crossover in couples. Journal of Management, 37, 744-769.

Bull Schaefer, R.A. (2010). Indirect crossover of psychological contract under-fulfillment: A leader-member analysis. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 17(3), 276-286.

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