Paul F. Buller


Professor of Management

Paul joined the SBA faculty in 1989.

B.S.: University of Utah 1974
M.S.W.: University of Utah 1976
M.B.A.: University of Washington 1981
Ph.D.: University of Washington 1982

Brief Biography

Dr. Buller is a Professor of Management and holds the Kinsey M. Robinson Chair in Business Administration at Gonzaga University where he teaches courses in strategic management and entrepreneurial leadership. He is the founding Director of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Gonzaga. He has done research and consulting in private and public sector organizations on various aspects of organizational effectiveness, including strategic management, global ethics, human resource management and organizational change. He has or is serving on the editorial boards of Journal of World Business, Human Resource Management, and Journal of Jesuit Business Education, and is past president of the Western Academy of Management.

Selected Publications

Buller, P.F. & Finkle, T.A. (2013). An innovative model of entrepreneurship education: The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 16, 113-132.

McEvoy, G.M. & Buller, P.F. (2013).  “Research for Practice: The Management of Expatriates”. Thunderbird International Business Review, 55(2), 213-226.

Steverson, B.K., Rutherford, M.W. & Buller, P.F.  (2013). “New Venture Legitimacy Lies and Ethics: An Application of Social Contract Theory”.  Journal of Ethics and Entrepreneurship, Vol 3(1), 73-92.

Buller, P.F. & McEvoy, G.M. (2012) “Strategy, HRM and Performance: Sharpening Line of Sight”, Human Resource Management Review, 22(1), 43-56.

Pepper, M., Loroz, P., Patil, V., Stevens, c. and Buller, P.F. (2011).  “Advancing a Mission-Centered Business School: A Process for Engaging Faculty and Tracking Progress”, Journal of Jesuit Business Education, Vol 2(1), 79-96.

Rutherford, M., Buller, P., & Stebbins, M. (2009). Ethical considerations of the legitimacy lie.  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, July, 949-964.

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