Erica H. Johnson


Associate Professor of Economics

Erica joined the SBA faculty in 2008.

B.A.: University of Montana 1999
M.S.: University of Oregon 2005
Ph.D.: University of Oregon 2009

Brief Biography

Erica specializes in environmental and health economics. She teaches Health Economics, Microeconomics, Econometrics and MBA courses in economics. Her current research interests include estimating the benefits of reducing risks to human health; these estimates can be used in cost-benefit analyses of environmental and health policies.

Selected Publications

Henrickson, Kevin E. and Erica H. Johnson (2013) "The Demand for Spatially Complementary National Parks" Land Economics 89 (2): 330-345.

Cameron, T. A., J. R. DeShazo and E. H. Johnson. (2011) "Scenario adjustment in stated preference research" Journal of Choice Modelling, 4(1), pp. 9-43.

Cameron, Trudy Ann, J.R. DeShazo and Erica Johnson.  (2010) "The Effect of Children on Adult Demands for Health-Risk Reductions,"  Journal of Health Economics 29, pp. 364-376.

Henrickson, Kevin E., Ashish Thatte and Erica Johnson (2009) "Factors Influencing the Intensity of Mass Customization and the Effects on Competitive Trade-offs" International Journal of Business Strategy vol. 9, no. 2, pp.58-68.