Randall W. Bennett


Professor of Economics

Randy joined the SBA faculty in 1988.

B.A.: Washington State University 1974
M.A.: Washington State University 1977
Ph.D.: Michigan State University 1984

Brief Biography

Randy joined the Gonzaga faculty in 1988, and has taught Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Antitrust Policy and Regulation, and Managerial Economics.  His recent research is focused on political action committee campaign contributions, as well as sports economics.

Selected Publications

Bennett, Randall W. and Christine Loucks. “Financial Services Industry PAC Contributions and Senate Committee Membership,” Atlantic Economic Journal, 39 (September 2011): 203-216.

The Importance of Committee Assignment: Health Care Industry Political Action Committee Contributions and the House of Representatives, (Randall W. Bennett) Contemporary Economic Policy, 2011, Vol 29, No. 2 pp. 163-177.

The College Sports Industry, (Randall W. Bennett) The Structure of American Industry, James W. Brock, ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, Twelfth Edition, The Structure of American Industry, 2009, 360-388.

PAC Contributions from Sectors of the Financial Services Industry, 1998-2002, (Randall W. Bennett) Atlantic Economic Journal, 2008, 36/4/407-419.

Beck, John H. and Randall W. Bennett. “Taxation, License Fees and New Car Registrations,” Public Finance Review, 31 (September 2003): 487-509.