Philosophy @ Gonzaga

In Gonzaga's liberal arts tradition, philosophy has a special role in the development of the mature individual. Philosophy provides students the opportunity to reflect on the most fundamental questions that concern human beings and the ultimate dimensions of their world. The courses in philosophy acquaint students with the intellectual and moral traditions of their civilization and aim to develop in the student the skills necessary to think clearly and carefully for themselves--to question their assumptions and to judge their principles critically with the depth required for them to act as mature, integrated, free persons in their society and to provide it with enlightened, responsible leadership and service.

The Greek roots of the word "philosophy" mean "love of wisdom." Philosophy involves a passion for understanding the ultimate principles of the whole of reality. Its desire is to explore ideas about God, about humanity, and about the universe in which we live. Above all, the Gonzaga University Philosophy Department strives to embody the famous words of Socrates: The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.

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