Integrated Media

Mission Statement

The Integrated Media Department embraces a  mission of educating students in professional fields of communication, a goal that by its very nature means its graduates serve the community, the common good, and their working peers.  Broadcast Studies, Journalism and Public Relations at their most fundamental level perform a service, approaching optimistically the means of social expression available.  Moreover, that service has a global aspect.

Graduates will face stiff headwinds in steering their careers along the path of service.  Challenges to personal integrity and ethical choices will buffet them.  The department's curriculum aims to prepare them to both perform professionally and act morally as agents of change.

About the Department

Gonzaga’s Integrated Media Department weaves the related disciplines of Journalism, Broadcast Studies and Public Relations into an environment where students can learn and hone their writing, interviewing, strategic communications and technological skills while specializing in a path that becomes a bridge to a career or to further scholarship in graduate schools.

The Integrated Media Department offers majors and minors in Broadcast Studies, Journalism and Public Relations within the College of Arts and Sciences. 
The Integrated Media programs strive to guide students toward academic excellence and tangible career goals. The Integrated Media curriculum reflects the Catholic, Jesuit character and liberal arts tradition of Gonzaga.

Students have many opportunities to develop and experiment with storytelling and strategic communication techniques using multiple platforms and methods, learning through the lens of social justice and Ignatian pedagogy.

The coursework in Integrated Media programs balances experience in the plethora of skills and use of technology required of professionals with philosophical grounding in ethical and proficient communications. Some courses include service-learning components.

In addition to coursework in traditional classroom settings, students engage in plentiful hands-on experience in computer labs equipped with software applications that allow students to experience a contemporary news and video-editing environment.

Students further polish the tools of skillful and responsible communication through internships in professional environments, for which academic credit is available.

Campus media outlets that include GUTV and KAGU, Gonzaga’s television and radio stations, and The Gonzaga Bulletin (, the student newspaper, offer opportunities for students to hone media skills learned in the classroom. In addition, stories created for these media entities become substantial portfolio pieces for applications to graduate schools and for internships and employment.

Experiential learning in the broadcast, journalism and public relations arenas are hallmarks of the department.

Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered in these areas:

  1. Broadcast and Electronic Media Studies.
  2. Journalism.
  3. Public Relations.
Integrated Media Department Core:

Majors and minors within the Integrated Media Department are required to complete the Integrated Media core:

INMD 101 Media Literacy
INMD 360 Media Law

*Note: No upper-division courses may be applied to two separate majors and/or minors within the Integrated Media Department with the exception of JOUR 360.

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Susan English
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Integrated Media Dept. Chair
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