The Department of English is a community of active scholars and writers dedicated to forming a deeper sense of themselves and their world. We celebrate the beauty of words and the power of language as a path towards that goal, and offer cultural, historical, and theoretical approaches to literature and the creative process. In so doing, we affirm the importance of creating and carefully understanding all forms of discourse. This affirmation occurs in part by embracing a catholic definition of literature that includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, multimodal composition, and film. We also value well-crafted arguments, sophisticated analyses, elegant writing, and thoughtful engagement with research. We help students hone their critical thinking and writing skills in ways both creative and practical. Students apply these skills in courses and in writing for The Bulletin and other campus publications, tutoring in the Writing Center, and presenting their work at conferences. Graduates from the English Department have gone on to pursue careers in writing, teaching, law, editing, publishing, and the tech sector.

This department is not physically accessible. However, staff/faculty will arrange to meet with any individual needing assistance in an accessible location. Please call Linda McDonald, 313-6672.

502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0018

Dr. Ingrid Ranum
English Department Chair, Associate Professor
Phone: (509) 313-6675