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The Criminal Justice Program is administered by the Department of Sociology. Its faculty is drawn from the Departments of Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and adjunct faculty in Criminal Justice. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice is offered.

This program provides an excellent preparation for students who are planning careers in the field of criminal justice as well as an opportunity to advance the education of individuals who are already members of the law enforcement profession.

The curriculum is structured to blend the best of the liberal arts with courses designed for professional training of present and future members of the law enforcement community. Special emphasis is placed upon the development of the habits of critical thinking and of effective communication skills as well as the acquisition of basic knowledge of the social sciences as they pertain to the area of criminal justice.

kaityln dowd
Where Are They Now?

Kaitlyn Dowd graduated from Gonzaga University in 2013 as a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She has recently been hired by the Everett Police department as an embedded social worker. Dowd spends much of her time in the field, working alongside officers to assist homeless families and children with placing them in shelters, or getting them the medical or psychological treatment they may need. Read more about Kaitlyn and her amazing position here.