Required Courses and Recommended Progression

The program is designed so that several core courses will count towards the Catholic Studies certificate. The following courses are required for the Catholic Studies Certificate.

Freshman Year

  • History 112  -  World Civilizations since 1500,  3 credits
  • Religious Studies 110  -  Intro to the Old Testament (3 credits)  OR
  • Religious Studies 120  -  Intro to the New Testament (3 credits)  OR
  • Religious Studies 124  -  New Testament: Matthew, Mark, and Luke (3 credits)

Sophomore Year

  • Religious Studies 220  -  Catholicism,  3 credits
  • CA Elective,  3 credits

Junior Year

  • CA Electives, 6 credits

Senior Year

  • CATH 499  -  Catholic Studies Capstone Course,  3 credits

NOTE: Electives may be taken from courses that are designated as Catholic Studies courses or courses that have been approved by the director of the Catholic Studies program. Consult the Schedule of Classes each term, or consult with your advisor to gain approval for other classes.

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